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Copper in Architecture

The surge in copper prices in recent years has led to a wave of metal theft worldwide which show no signs of abating. But while the red metal’s durability makes it a popular material in construction, its sheen also makes it a hit amongst architects and may continue to rise in demand amongst designers.

$108,000 in Copper Headstones Stolen

The Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cypress experienced a loss of 90 copper headstones and tablets that had been pre-ordered and were stolen from their maintenance yard. The cemetery supervisor learned about the thefts when he was called by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials about some of the headstones that had been turned in at [...]

Copper Theft is Up

Utilities, construction and industrial sites are experiencing a higher number of thefts or attempted thefts of copper due to rising prices.  The copper theft is causing problems in Georgia including Georgia Power. In the past two years the average price of a pound of copper has gone up almost 200 percent. But from 2005 to [...]

Copper Theft Foiled

An Optellios, Inc. FiberPatrol security system thwarted an attempted robbery of copper tubing from an oil refinery in the Los Angeles area.  Optellios, Inc. is one of the leading fiberoptic technology companies and is based in the US. Put into operation just over a month earlier, the FiberPatrol security system demonstrated its highly reliable, precision [...]